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Korean Standard Time
2024.07.18 01:52 AM

Dear Esteemed Colleagues and Guests,

We are thrilled to invite you to the APS 2024, an exceptional international conference on Aesthetic Surgery, proudly presented by the Korean Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (KSAPS). This prestigious event is set to unfold in the vibrant city of Seoul, from April 6th(SAT)-7th(SUN), 2024.

Celebrating over three decades of excellence, APS continues to be at the forefront of the aesthetic surgery field, consistently introducing groundbreaking innovations and pioneering techniques. This year, we are excited to showcase an even more diverse range of topics and advancements in aesthetic surgery. The conference will feature world-renowned plastic surgeons sharing their insights through keynote speeches and live surgical demonstrations. In addition, our comprehensive workshops will offer a platform for exchanging rich experiences and cutting-edge professional ideas.

We cordially invite you to engage in this dynamic forum, where you can explore the latest developments in aesthetic surgery, debate contemporary issues, and gain practical insights into both the opportunities and challenges faced in our field.

In adherence to our commitment to safety and accessibility, we have ensured that the conference offers a conducive environment for all participants, despite ongoing global health considerations. Our aim is to make this two-day gathering a transformative experience, fostering advancements in patient care and professional collaboration.

We eagerly anticipate your presence in the vibrant urban tapestry of Seoul, where together we will embark on a journey of discovery and innovation in the realm of aesthetic plastic surgery.

Warmest Regards,


A warm welcome to the APS 2024!

The last APS 2023 meeting was a big success even after long academical hibernation caused by Covid19 and reminded us of the joy of sharing, collaboration, and festivity. The success makes us believe that APS is the greatest platform not only for Korean plastic surgeons, but also for whole Asian plastic surgeons to display excellency and creativity. It is with great excitement that we embark on a groundbreaking journey to reclaim the forefront of aesthetic innovation.

In our pursuit to lead the way, we are turning our focus to every corner of the aesthetic practices including non-surgical aesthetic procedures which has not been championed by our specialty.

The world of aesthetic plastic surgery is evolving at an unprecedented pace, and it is essential for us to adapt and expand our horizons. We find ourselves at the intersection of innovation and tradition. It is our collective responsibility to steer the course of our profession, and we believe that taking the lead in the non-surgical aesthetic procedures is key to our future success.

At the APS 2024, we will have the privilege of learning from those who have embraced this resurgence with zeal and dedication. We are preparing more sessions about minimally invasive surgery, toxins, injectables, thread, skin care and lasers. Our distinguished speakers will share their expertise, showcasing how they can take the lead in incorporating these procedures into their repertoire. This congress serves as a crucible for ideas, a melting pot of insights, and a catalyst for the resurgence we envision.

I encourage each one of you to actively participate, engage in dialogue, and seize the opportunity to bring back to your practices the wealth of knowledge and innovation that will be shared here. Let this congress be a rallying point, a call to action for every member to reclaim their stake in the forefront of aesthetic surgery.

As we unite to take the lead in embracing non or minimally invasive surgical procedures, let us stand together in solidarity, acknowledging that our strength lies in collaboration and shared vision. May this Congress of APS 2024 be a pivotal moment in our professional journey, marking the resurgence of innovation and leadership.

Thank you for being part of this transformative experience. Here's to a Congress of APS 2024 filled with discovery, collaboration, and a shared vision for the future.
Welcome, and let the exploration begin!

Eom, Jin Sup

Dear Members and Colleagues

We are pleased to host the April 2024 APS conference.

The Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Society is always dedicated to the innovation and professionalism of aesthetic surgery. The society has firmly established itself as a place where the latest trends in aesthetic plastic surgery are shared, and efforts are made in collaboration with highly skilled medical professionals to provide patients with optimal results.

This conference will bring together leaders in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery to share new ideas and exchange experiences and knowledge. It will be a valuable opportunity to contribute significantly to the success and advancement of our field of aesthetic plastic surgery. Throughout this process, the society places the health and safety of patients as the top priority and will continuously strive to achieve this goal.

Lastly, I extend sincere gratitude to all of you attending the conference.

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