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Korean Standard Time
2024.07.18 00:44 AM


All participants are required to register through the APS 2024 online registration system and advised to register in advance. (By March 22, 2024)

Important Dates

  • Deadline for Regular Registration March 10 (Sun), 2024
  • Deadline for Presenter Registration March 22 (Fri), 2024
  • On-Site Registration April 6 (Sat) – 7 (Sun), 2024

Registration Process

  1. STEP 1 Click the “Go to Online Registration” button
  2. STEP 2 Sign up or log onto the registration system
  3. STEP 3 Fill out personal info and choose registration category
  4. STEP 4 Choose payment method and make payment
  5. STEP 5 Check your e-mail for payment confirmation (Successfully completed)

Go to Online Registration

Registration Fees

Category Regular Registration
(Until March 22, 2024)
On-Site Registration
(April 6~7, 2024)
MOU Members Physician USD 350 USD 400
Trainee USD 150 USD 200
Paramedic USD 120 USD 150
Non-member Physician USD 420 USD 500
Trainee USD 200 USD 250
Gala Dinner USD 50 USD 50

※ Members from our Memorandum of Understanding Societies(USA, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore) are entitled to a discounted rate.

※ Registration is NOT possible with a mobile phone.

등록구분 사전등록
사전등록 (3월 22일까지)
(4월 6일~7일)
정회원 개원의/봉직의/기타 KRW 300,000 KRW 350,000
전임의/군의관/공보의 KRW 150,000 KRW 200,000
비회원 KRW 420,000 KRW 450,000
전공의/국내연수 외국인 의사 KRW 120,000 KRW 150,000
Gala Dinner KRW 50,000 KRW 50,000

* 대한성형외과의사회 회원은 연회비를 전년도까지(2023년) 납부해야 등록할 수 있습니다.  (Tel. 02-514-8252)

* 대한미용성형외과학회, 대한성형외과의사회 2개 학회에 회원가입이 되어 있으셔야 정회원으로 등록 하실 수 있습니다.

* 70세 이상 회원은 대한미용성형외과학회, 대한성형외과의사회 2개 학회 가입 및 의사회 연회비를 전년도까지(2023년) 납부하셔야 무료로 등록하실 수 있습니다.

* 사전등록은 PC에서만 가능합니다.

Payment Methods

Credit Card
  • Payment by credit card is available only through the on-line registration system.
  • All credit card service charges are to be paid by registrants.
  • The actual debit amount is subject to change according to the exchange rate.
  • The merchant name on your credit card statement will be 'Eximbay' (Non-Korean) or ‘Easy Pay’ (Korean).
Bank Transfer
  • Bank transfer should be made to the account below. All bank charges for remittance must be paid by registrants.
  • Please note that the transfer must be made under the registrant’s name and must be stated on the receipt.
  • Please send an e-mail to the Secretariat( with a copy of the transfer record.
  • If your payment is completed, the Payment Status will change from ‘Waiting’ to ‘Complete’.
  • If you would like to change your payment method, please contact the Secretariat.
  • A payment confirmation letter will be sent within 3 weeks after payment is received. If you do not receive the confirmation letter, please contact the secretariat at
Account Beneficiary KSAPS(대한미용성형외과학회)
Account Number 101-910011-09204
Bank Address 1F, 3, Seoun-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul 06733, Korea
Registration Confirmation
  • Registration confirmation letter will be sent to you via e-mail right after the completion of online registration.
  • Registration confirmation will be sent to you via e-mail within three weeks upon making the full payment.
국내연수 외국인 의사 등록 안내 Application Form Download

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery 2024 접수 시점에 외국인 의사로서 국내 수련병원에서 연수 및 수련 등을 하고 계신 경우 아래의 절차에 따라 신청해주시기 바랍니다.

  • Step 1. Application Form Download
  • Step 2. Fill out all the required fields to complete the application form
  • Step 3. Send it to the APS 2024 Secretariat office (
  • Step 4. Secretariat conducts pre-registration instead
  • Step 5. Please transfer the registration fee after checking your registration details (via confirmation email)
  • Step 6. Once the deposit is confirmed, the registration is finally completed.
Category Regular Registration
(Until March 22, 2024)
On-Site Registration
(April 6~7, 2024)
국내연수 외국인 의사 KRW 120,000 KRW 150,000

* 카드결제를 원하시는 경우 APS 2024 사무국(으로 연락 주시기 바랍니다.

Cancellation and Refund Policy Cancellation Form Download

Any cancellation of registration should be notified in writing to the secretariat by e-mail.
All refunds will be processed after the conference.
Please refer to the following deadlines for cancellation.

Date Refund Policy
Until March 6 (Wed), 2024 Full Refund
From March 7 (Thu), 2024 No Refund

Go to Online Registration

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